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Over the past year or two, someone has been probing the defenses of the companies that run critical pieces of the Internet. These probes take the form of precisely calibrated attacks designed to determine exactly how well these companies can defend themselves, and what would be required to take them down. We don't know who is doing this, but it feels like a large nation state. China or Russia would be my first guesses.

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Why run a major ddos attack when I can gain much information by having a room cleaner to tell me the exact model and other information about critical devices? Why running a ddos, when I can simply and cheaply rent a server at a colocation and find out quite a lot the boring old way (like walking in, being excited by the oh so super hich-tech equipment and being shown around by a friendly colo technician? Even cheaper, many colos, some of them running quite critical infrastructure, proudly show their equipment even on their web pages.

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@B As we all know, and as article itself confirms, attacks could be made to seem to come from anywhere on the world, and I'm sure a great deal of hackers use Chinese IPs and servers. All I am saying is, the way he puts it "China or Russia would be my first guesses." sounds more like the text is aimed at average brainless yellow press reader, the sort of stuff you add to article on purpose to inspire cheeky discussion like the one we have now, in order to increase number of page hits. He should have avoided publishing such assumption without basing it on something more solid than "state actors" (so we know it's a state? Must be China or Russia) and "It's not normal for companies to do that" (like big companies are known to do normal stuff). Lets face it, "China or Russia would be my first guesses" sounds like a line out of black&white American movies.
All this makes me feel a bit disappointed in CodeProject, the newsletter that brought me to this page, as they even gave this article a headline.
Btw B, you're the only one here who is calling people "moronic" and makes crying baby sounds in comment box, so maybe you're the one who should contemplate on his "delayed adolescence."

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What can we do about this? Nothing, really. We don't know where the attacks come from. The data I see suggests China, an assessment shared by the people I spoke with. On the other hand, it's possible to disguise the country of origin for these sorts of attacks. The NSA, which has more surveillance in the Internet backbone than everyone else combined, probably has a better idea, but unless the US decides to make an international incident over this, we won't see any attribution.

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My thought exactly. We know that the government engages in "stress tests" of the financial system and the banking industry. So it would be expected that they would do the same thing with the internet. I'm deeply puzzled by Bruce's insistence that this must be a foreign actor. Someone say recently, "security researchers came to the conclusion that attribution was hard, then they promptly forgot it." This essay seems more evidence of that.