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Miall, David S. Award-winning article about the importance of a relationship with nature for Wordsworth. The author proposes a precise location for the opening scene in "Tintern Abbey" and contends that the location of the poem is central to Wordsworth's view of man's relationship with nature. 20 (2000).

Best known for his beautiful poems on nature, Wordsworth was a poet of reflection on things past.

Not only were the three most famous poets of the Lake District contemporaries, they were also quite close. Coleridge and Wordsworth were best friends for most of their lives. In fact, they did some of their best writing together, including Lyrical Ballads, which is often viewed as the beginning of the Romantic Movement. Furthermore, Robert Southey was Coleridge’s brother-in-law.

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One of the best poets is William Wordsworth who relied upon lyric poetry, made history.

Even though nature is a prevalent theme in the poetry of Wordsworth and his fellow Lakeland Poets, it is incorrect and overly simplistic to call them “nature poets.” This is a title commonly given to many Romantic writers, but it is important to realize that while many of the Romantics appreciated nature and employed nature imagery in their works, it was more often a tool that they used to get their message across rather than the focal point of their poetry. The Lakeland Poets (and many other Romantic writers) viewed nature as a means through which to convey their deepest emotions and a catalyst for introspection.

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The time period was filled with poets who dramatically poured their beliefs into their writings and poetry such as William Wordsworth, a very notable Romantic poet during this time period.

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By reading a selection of Wordsworth’s work, it is clear that critics have not stopped him from writing because for the years following the publication of Lyrical Ballads (1798) Wordsworth created some of the best known short stories which also created a roar of criticism....

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William Wordsworth's "Composed Upon Westminster Bridge" gives a step-by-step look at the awe-inspiring beauty of a London sunrise, whereas William Blake's "London" shows the dreary ugliness of London life by taking a stroll down London's streets....

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Throughout the three poems, Resolution and Independence, Tintern Abbey, and Michael, which will be discussed in this essay, nature is seen prominently as an everlasting- individual figure, which gives his audience as well as Wordsworth, himself, a sense of console.

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Coleridge and William Wordsworth's Poetics Storming of the Bastille 1789 [1] During and in the aftermath of the French Revolution, millennialist thought – independent of the myriad of economic and historical reasons for its precipitation – influenced many authors.