The Wizard of Oz: A Political Allegory ..

history classes, ask students to write an essay agreeing or disagreeing with the theory that the book The Wizard of Oz is an allegory for the history of populism and bimetalism in the U.S.

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I’m not sure what sparked my obsession with Wicked: The Musical, especially considering I had never been obsessed with The Wizard of Oz – the film or the book. Certainly, the cast of the Broadway production is absolutely fabulous, and the songs are ridiculously catchy, but no other musical has ever cost me (read: my mom) so much money. In addition to the powerful message of believing in yourself and the importance of knowing the whole story before making judgments, the sheer creativity and modern political allegory that warns against the power of those in charge are what makes Wicked resonate so well with audiences.

Wizard of oz political allegory essay

Wizard of oz allegory essay