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Pre-breakup Yugoslavia surely had plenty of ethnic tension but, if people are not on the brink of survival, different ethnic, religious, racial, and cultural groups can generally live together in peace and even harmony. It is when they are pitted against one another, each trying to survive, that it gets ugly. World War II was born of the Great Depression, when anti-Semitism not only reached genocidal proportions in Germany, but also reached its , to even in America during the Jewish Holocaust. When times are difficult in America, strident anti-immigration rhetoric is heard. Economic strain is a common factor in American divorce. The showed how quickly American soldiers could come to look and act like concentration camp inmates.

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One pilot who flew the "Highway of Death" mission described it as "shooting fish in a barrel," and the pilots rushed back and forth from the aircraft carriers supplying them with bombs. According to the , "Their preferred weapon, the Rockeye cluster bomb, was passed over for others because elevators were too slow getting them up to the flight deck in time for the next launch." It was a quick trip to the parking lot to drop their payloads, and then back to the aircraft carrier to get more bombs. Those activities were in direct violation of the Geneva Convention of 1949's common article 3, which outlaws killing soldiers who are "out of combat." In addition, cluster bombs are only effective at killing people, not destroying military targets. That was not the only highway treated that way. A 60-mile stretch of highway further east was treated similarly. The general in charge of one of the mass slaughters during those days, Barry McCaffrey, headed Bill Clinton's "War on Drugs" and headed the effort to "" in .

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The Europeans played divide-and-conquer from the very beginnings of their invasions, and natives rarely and put aside their differences to form a united front. Far too often, testosterone overrode the brains and hearts of young men, which thwarted the attempts of elders to maintain peace among the tribes. The French, partly because they had far fewer colonists in the New World, and partly because they were less arrogant and exterminatory than the English, had friendlier relations with the natives, although the French could also be genocidists. French attempts to exterminate the Fox tribe alienated their native allies, which ultimately diminished French efforts in the region. After a generation of warfare, the fiercely independent Fox (who called themselves the Mesquaki) were very weakened by 1730, and living in present-day Wisconsin. They tried escaping, to go live with the Seneca in present day New York, but their flight was detected. About three-quarters of the remaining Fox were women, children, and the elderly. After a siege of a hastily constructed fort in a stand of trees, the Fox asked to surrender, but the French gave no quarter and the tribe was nearly exterminated, with several hundred killed. The survivors were parceled out to French-allied tribes.

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North Korea recovered its prewar levels of agricultural and industrial output by 1957 through the “superhuman efforts” of its population along with $1.6 billion in aid and technical assistance from the Soviet Union, China, and Eastern bloc countries. Though warped by rigid authoritarianism, including a purging of rivals to the Kim dynasty, the northern economy was more advanced than that of the South until the late 1960s. Presenting itself as the vanguard of world revolution striving for a fair international economic order, the DPRK provided free schooling and medical services, welfare for war invalids and families of the fallen, and sanctioned women’s rights. Over the long term, however, North Korea developed into a militarized garrison state, in part because the Korean War never officially ended.

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