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African Americans HIV and Aids -related rates more than any other racial/ethnic group in the U.S.

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In addition, among street-based sex workers, not having had sex with a woman in the past 3 months, having ever had a sexually transmitted disease symptom, and not having a friend to talk to about personal problems were significantly associated with HIV infection.


The HIV virus is transmitted from an infected person to another through blood (including menstrual blood), semen, vaginal secretions, and breast milk.1 It is estimated that 33.2% of the world's population is Christian18Christianity is a religion that originated long before the onset of AIDs and involves Christians whose belief is centered on Jesus Christ....

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Across the world the global epidemic of HIV/AIDS has shown itself capable of triggering responses of compassion, solidarity and support, bringing out the best in people, their families and communities....

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The assignment will also look into who discovered HIV and also when it was discovered and which was found first between HIV and AIDS also if HIV and AIDS are somewhat related.

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HIV/AIDS has no cure or preventative vaccine but there are many affective treatments that allow HIV-positive people to lead long lives and preventative measures to protect others from HIV transmission.

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These figures with only about 20 years of knowledge to work with: the AIDS virus didn’t start appearing in the United States until the late seventies, and was unacknowledged until the 80’s, making AIDS research a relatively new field.

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Besides a somewhat different climate, what else is special about Northern Africa that seems to keep the population’s HIV/AIDS prevalence rates low compared to the southern portion of the continent....