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Every professional writer and editor has some competence as a generalist,and I am no exception. I do have more interest andexperience in writing about certain areas, and less interest in writing aboutothers. My areas of greater interest include science and technology ingeneral, especially most aspects of the electrical industry;psychology; safety; health; driving; and nutrition. Areas of little interest include sports teams, personalities, and fashion. I have no knowledge ofeconomics beyond that possessed by any concerned citizen. Well, I have to backpedal on that last. First, economics certainly are an interest. I followed the work of Daniel Kahnemann long before he received the Nobel Prize. Second, while I have no grounding in financial theory, I successfully edited a quarterly newsletter for an investment firm for several years. See the link.

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And, as ever, these tips apply most to how you talk to yourself. Clear speech and writing grow from the soil of clear thinking.

You are writing to a figure of your imagination, and the more clearly you can envisage this person, the more easily you can clarify your purpose.

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"Vehicles as Weapons" (Road rage); "Accident Prevention"; "The Weight ofResponsibility" (Legal and emotional consequences for managers arising fromworker injuries); "An Urban Legend" (Dispelling a nasty rumor); "Sick, Slick,or Just Fed Up?"(litigation response syndrome); "Feds in your Corner' (safetyrecalls); "Coming up with Figures"- "Back to Backs" - "Unreasonable Limits?"(all on OSHA's lifting guidelines); "The Effects of Downsizing"; "AvoidingWorkplace Violence"; "Workplace Violence, Part 2"; "They've Got a LittleList" (Listed products); "Out of the Mouths of Babes -- and Bureaucrats"(Visual attention); The Eyes Have It (Visual deterioration and drivingsafety); "A Bracing Experience"(the controversy over lumbar supports);"Accident! -- Utility Crews and 911"; "Snips and Tips: Antilock brakes, safergarages, ..."; "Risky Business"(risk-taking behavior); "Dopey, Sleepy,Grumpy, and the Docs"(sleep deprivation); "Mixed-up Crews"(genderdiscrimination); "Impact Tools for Fleet Managers"((speaking up aboutstandards); "Gabriel, Blow Your Horn -- But Don't Rely on it" (vehiclehorns); "RE: Liability" (fiduciary responsibility);"Looking for Trouble";"That Guy's Been Out in the Sun Too Long" (sun protection); "No Easy Answer"(employee mental health); "Beware of Backup Generators"

UTILITY FLEET MANAGEMENT, Internationalperspectives:

"Just Charge It" (Japanese electric cars); "Northernmost Exposure"(Finnish utilities) "Utilities Under Fire in Nicaragua";"Can the PowerCompany help Correct Power Inequities?"(South Africa); "The Ivory Coast:Making do with Mopeds"; "The Land of the Lamborghini"; "A New Germany withNew Problems"; "French Birds" (Helicopters)


"That Listless Feeling" (Nationally Recognized Testing); "Call Before You Dig"; "Accessibility: aTwofold issue"; "Trust, Part 1: The Problem"; "Trust, Part 2: Communication";"Facing Employee Substance Abuse"; "The Quest for Consistency" (in ruleenforcement); "To Retorque or not to Retorque?"; "Inspectors and TestTorques"; "Permits and the Social Contract"; "Alarming Information"; "TheGray Area of Oral Law"; "Problems with Side Jobs"; "Material Questions"; "TheHigh Price of Jackleg Work"; "Don't Neglect Supervision"; "Smart Decisions";"Neon: Part 1: the Problems"; "Neon: Part 2: Responsibility" "Neon: Part 3:Leadership"; "Replacing Old Wiring"; "Don't be the 'Messenger who getsShot'"; "More 'Groundless' Worries; Home Gensets? Really!"; "Voltage Drop:What do Measurements Really Indicate?"; "Special Considerations GovernShallow Recessed Lights"; "Security Lighting Made Simple"; "ProtectingHomeowners from what They Don't Know"; "How Reasonable is the NEC on VoltageDrop?"; Choosing Sides"; "Male Electrician, Female Customer"; "Feeding aFountain"; "A Rigid Approach to Underground Wiring"; "Why Hire an Expert andThen Ignore Him?"; "Consulting to Consultants." "Preserve Safety DespiteLenient Inspectors"; "When Voltage Drop Warns ofHidden Hazards"; Residential Remodeling Referral Roll-outs";"Speculators";"Needed! AFCIs"; "Too Much Choice"; "Costly Rescue"; "Just Say, 'No, ThankYou'"; "When the NEC is Open to Interpretation"; "Protection, Not Panaceas";"Water and Electricity"; "Those Home Fires"; "None of Us isGetting Any Younger"; "Disco Lights"; "Automating Success"; "Bootlegs"; "The Cheapest Safe Fix"; "How Little is Enough"; "Real-World Consults"; "Is the Customer Always Right?"; "The Economics of Good Care"; "Incomplete Repair, a Tricky Choice"; "Foot-in-Mouth Disease"; "Feeling Apologetic"; "Due Diligence"; "Considerate Workmanship"; "Manufacturer’s Instructions: Not Good Enough"; "Peri-Purchase Inspections"; "Bugged by a Bugeye"; "Automating Success?"; "Jobsite Inappropriateness: Smoking and Drinking and Carrying On"; "What Handymen Don’t Realize"; "How Risky Is It?"; "Protecting Homeowners from What They Don't Know"; "Nuisance, Noise, and Hazard"; and "Some Like it Safer."

First book: OldElectrical Wiring, McGraw-Hill, April 1998. It had been out of print, after two printings, and much sought-after. Two publishers have offered me contracts to prepare a new edition. I settled on McGraw-Hill, and in mid-2010 Old Electrical Wiring: evaluation, repairing, and upgrading dated systems was printed. You can view of the first edition below, just after my writing references.My second McGraw-Hill book, a steady seller first availableDecember 22, 2000, covers related material.Your Old Wiring istargeted at non-electricians, including readers who may be novices at dealingwith electrical systems. Of necessity, it has a different focus than thefirst book, and complements rather than duplicates its material. The Edward R. Hamilton website speaks of it as well-illustrated, and Redwood Kardon, an electrical safetyinstructor and author of several well-known inspection checklists, speakshighly of it.

I encourage people who have purchased either book to go to the web page where areavailable for downloading.