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() An online writing guide that addresses the challenges and issues involved in scientific writing. Sections include Writing the Scientific-Format Paper and Achieving the Scientific-Voice.

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(Fulfills the general education requirement in behavioral and social sciences.) Recommended: GERO 100. An advanced multidisciplinary examination of the psychosocial forces that affect the aging process. Aspects of aging are analyzed from a number of theoretical perspectives found in psychology, sociology, and social gerontology. The goal is to articulate the impact of biological, sociocultural, and life cycle forces on psychological and social well-being in post-midlife. Topics include normative and atypical psychological and social functioning in post-midlife; the social construction of aging; and the impact of aging, ageism, and longevity on social structures such as the family, work, retirement, and health care. Students may receive credit for only one of the following courses: GERO 220, GERO 320, or PSYC 357.

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Redman, P. (2005). Good essay writing: A social sciences guide (3rd ed.). London: Sage. []

(Fulfills the general education requirement in communications but is not a writing course.) Prerequisite: WRTG 101 or 101S. An overview designed to identify complex components and relationships involved in today's media. The goal is to understand the technical, political, economic, cultural, and organizational influences on mediated messages. Topics include visual rhetoric, legal and ethical issues, social media, transactional model, advertising, security and privacy concerns.

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The goal of English 213x is to encourage students to read, write, and think analytically, critically, and thoughtfully. Our focus will be on writing for the social sciences and the natural sciences. We will explore ways to become more confident, proficient, and effective as writers and collaborators

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(Fulfills the general education requirement in behavioral and social sciences.) Recommended: GERO 100. An interdisciplinary examination of how different cultures interpret and deal with aging and the life cycle. Focus is on the increasingly heterogeneous aging population in the United States. The goal is to raise critical awareness of how aging is experienced across cultures. Topics include cross-cultural theory and research on aging; global demographics of aging; cross-cultural perspectives of norms and values regarding work, family, and community roles for older adults; the social and economic status of older adults; intergenerational relationships; ethical caregiving; end-of-life issues; social services; and social policy. Health disparities among older adults of certain ethnicities within the United States are also addressed. Students may receive credit for only one of the following courses: GERO 327, GERO 410, or GERO 427.

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Mr. Nassivera's U.S. History and Government class rubric: Common Core for Reading and Writing Standards Based on Common Core Standards for Reading/Writing in History/Social Sciences

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(Writing@CSU) Online activities for writers in the sciences. Specific tasks addressed include generating ideas, using descriptions in science writing, revising organization in science writing, and revising a science argument. Site Access: To access these exercises, you need to register with . Registration is fast and simple.