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The thing about SWT is that you have to work hard to make your kids take it seriously and to--more importantly--value it. It doesn't just happen; you don't simply announce to your students in August that they will have ten minutes every day to write and hope they do what you want them to, which is record their thinking in interesting ways. I provide resources to those who need them. I model the process every single year, even when I roll-up with my students. I participate in SWT too, though certainly not every period, but I try to get my ten minutes in every day too. I've learned lots and lots of tricks over the years to keep them engaged and energetic during those ten minutes every day, and on this page I will be sharing those tricks of the trade.

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Each fall semester, I start off the process of sharing writing by having some new summertime entries ready to show my new batch of kiddos, so they can hear how my SWT entries have begun shaping my thinking about topics that I may actually write longer papers and short poems about. I actively seek out unique ideas over the summer to explore through several ten-minute quick-writes, and I make sure to plan my summertime entries so that some time can lapse between my writings, so that my own thinking can develop in between my visits to my writer's notebook. A writer's notebook is for developing ideas, not for publishing polished ideas. A good writer's notebook needs to be messy. Mine is.

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Clock face to print on cardstock and laminate. Student scan draw hands to math a time or write time to match hands. No guide numbers.

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They start with a question on purpose! If you're not sure how to begin your prompt-inspired writing, write a sentence that answers the question and see where your writing goes from there.

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Suggest a prompt? If you have a favorite prompt you use with students, feel free to send it to me at . If I end up adding your prompt to this prompt generator, I will send you a complimentary copy of my .

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