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Through phantasmagoric symbolism in “The Yellow Wallpaper” Gilman is able to speak volumes on the destruction and autonomy of feminist self-expression, the restrictions of gender roles, and the patriarchal paradigm.

The Yellow Wallpaper presents the tragic story of a woman's descent into depression and madness.

The three works, "The Yellow Wallpaper," "At the 'Cadian Ball," and "The Storm" expose the oppression of women by society. This works also illustrate that those women who were passive in the face of this oppression risk losing not only their identity, but their sanity as well....

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Although the story was written fifty years ago,

"The Yellow Wallpaper” has a simple enough story, the woman is taken to a rented house to recover from a nervous depression that she was experiencing. The depression was something common in women of the time, especially in more upper class women with little to do. The antidote " the cure" was developed by a Weir Mitchell, for psychoneurosies, in theory a women should inhibit herself from any kind of work or thinking and to get as much fresh air as possible. The heroine is subjected to this cure. Having been confined to a room in the house she starts imagining things in the wallpaper that she hates so much. However, as the story progresses it is harder and harder to tell if the women's imagination is getting to her or if she is slowly slipping in to madness, as she hallucinates people in the wallpaper and adopts a protective nature for it becoming one with her imagination.

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The “Yellow Wallpaper” is about one man who controls his wife and forces her to hide herself and makes her isolated from the world by giving her wrong protection and one woman who is absolutely forbidden to do anything and isolated from the world because of her “depression”....

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In conclusion it is safe to state that “The yellow wallpaper” is a story that adequately represents feminist ideology not just by rallying people behind the cause but also through the provision of a foundation for the arguments made in favor of feminist sentiments and their justifications (Shumaker 590).

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In feminism, it is believed that the constant undermining of women’s rights leaves them worse off despite the fact that the oppressive men think they are doing something noble. Her doctor husband believed he was helping her when in reality the confinement led to sensory deprivation which then made her increasingly exhibit signs of dementia. Psychiatrists believe that denying the brain information leads it to come up with its own. This is exactly what happens to the narrator and she ends up tracing patterns on the yellow wallpaper. These patterns include that of a woman trapped behind bars. This suggests that women who are oppressed feel like they are locked up in a prison with no possible escape.

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Another feminist perspective that can be seen in this story is the limitation of women’s rights to be intellectually empowered. The narrator greatly desires to engage in journaling and reading as well as having a room that has a better view. She is instead forced to stay in a room that has the annoying yellow wallpaper. For a long time, women were generally locked out from academia or forced to make do with bottlenecks found along the system. As a result, very few literary or academic works by women saw the light of day and this essentially meant that a great deal of available literature was authored by men yet imposed on women. The blacking out of her windows signifies her being denied exposure to the outside world (Treichler, 61).

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“The Yellow Wallpaper” clearly shows the readers how sexist and frustrating women’s lives could be; she shows us how easily one can go insane when they are so severely suppressed by society.This story is interesting to read because of its forcefulness.