Yes wecan have a fresh start of something new.

This was so good. I am always so impressed by my fellow mothers of more than one child (it’s true – one is so simple) who can produce creative works. My husband claims to be supportive of my dreams, but really has no clue how much I’ve sacrificed my own life and dreams to support him as wife and mother. I encourage him to go to that multi-day cross-country conference, but then hear complaints when I speak aloud my dream of going away alone for a couple days when the baby no longer needs me so desperately.
Thank you for this article. You put into words so many of my own thoughts.
And about the underwear, you may never be able to train your husband to pick it up. My own cannot see the the small bits and pieces of his grooming that he leaves behind. His eyes are only open to the details that matter to him. Tiny, infuriating hairs will never fall into that category.

Barack Obamas speech shows that “yes we can”make a change, the song “God Bless the

You know that sexist thing most handymen do? In front of a man and a woman, they'd look at the man to explain what happened to that thing they just fixed. I don't understand how they can't read my blank stare: I'm never following, my wife usually is. I need to see it step by step, with drawings and explanations, so it clicks. So I google it. And I look at pictures and diagrams. Call it professional bias. Anyway. As I said, I am not alone. We looked at what things we need the most help with around the house, from the simplest kind of fixes, to those fixes for which we know , but our ego makes us take upon ourselves to at least try.

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Like in the speech Obamasays “Yes we can, thank you, god bless you, and may God Bless the

Dee, I think you might be adding layers of malice to her husband’s behavior. In the metropolitan area where I live, sadly, it is quite common for a working person to leave home at 5am for a 2 hour commute, work a full day in early career (as her husband is), and commute home 2 hours. I think Rufi’s questions about the possibility that it’s subversive to believe that the selflessness required to be a good mother (by which I don’t think she means picking up underwear) and the selfishness required to be a good, or even productive, artist can coexist.

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I had not known that I felt that way until I said it. It frightened me that I said it. That night at the party, I kept thinking about it, and on the flight home, I kept thinking about it, and no matter how I looked at that phrase I couldn’t make it any less true. If something disastrous were to happen and my husband were to leave me or die or simply vanish, I would never remarry. I actually cannot imagine even dating another man. Part of this is out of intense loyalty to my husband, but part of it is because the idea of cooking some idiot man dinner for the rest of my life makes my skin prickle with rage.

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